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Crisis Management System

MUMSS’ Crisis Management Committee is responsible for developing comprehensive plans for managing crises, regularly reviewing said plans and compiling related reports.

Specifically, in order to minimize the impact of a specific crisis on MUMSS’ (“the Company”) customers and the market, the Company has defined its basic stance and judgment criteria for responding to a crisis, established basic policies for business continuity, and developed a business continuity plan and systems, including the infrastructure for restoring critical functions.

Basic Policies for Business Continuity

  • The Company gives top priority to ensuring the safety of its customers, officers, and employees.
  • The Company works to protect customers’ data and assets, and quickly undertakes restorative measures.
  • If the Company’s operations are disrupted as a result of an emergency, the Company shall strive to resume and continue operations, prioritizing customer safety, economic activities, and maintaining securities market functions. The Company will continuously seek to, minimize the impact on its customers.

Outline of the Business Continuity Plan

  • The Company’s systems and networks are designed to support the continuation of significant operations.
  • The Company takes restorative measures to resume and continue operations, working with its operations and systems divisions.
  • If branches are unable to accept orders, customer calls are transferred to the Telephone & Online Trade Division so that orders can still be placed.

Infrastructure Improvements

  • The Company has established a back-up site in the event it is unable to use its head office so that it can continue and resume significant operations.
  • The Company has installed emergency generators in preparation for power outages at both its head office and back-up site.
  • The Company has installed crucial IT systems at both its data center (main center) for normal processing and back-up data center (sub-center). The sub-center stores data necessary to resume the Company’s operations according to predetermined procedures.

The Company prepares business continuity systems not only for disasters but also for a wide range of circumstances, and regularly conducts training to improve the effectiveness of such systems.

The impact caused by a natural disaster such as a major earthquake and any subsequent major power outage is expected to be huge, which is why the Company conducts reviews to improve the effectiveness of its business continuity plan and also works to enhance its business continuity systems through means such as improving back-up systems.