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Our Effort to Increase Customer Satisfaction

Response to Comments from Customers

MUMSS has arrangements in place for hearing the voice of customers through various portals. Head Office and sales branches share information and work actively to resolve issues and make improvements in order to reflect the “voice of customers” in enhanced customer service and improved operations.

We listen to the voice of customers at sales branches.
The “voice of customers” is heard through sales activities (visits and telephone calls) by sales staff, executives and managers.
We listen to the voice of customers at call centers.
The “voice of customers” is heard at call centers that are the reception portals for online trading and telephone trading.
We listen to the voice of customers at the Customer Service Division.
The Customer Service Division handles inquiries via the website and “voice of customers” input addressed directly to the Head Office.
We listen to the voice of customers through customer satisfaction surveys.
We conduct an annual survey regarding customer satisfaction, expectation levels, requests and other matters.

The voice of customers is reported to concerned divisions in the Head Office, and the relevant divisions work together, continuously holding meetings of the “Review Committee for Voices of Customers and Employees” where issues and improvement measures are discussed and studied, and various improvement measures are formulated and implemented.
Status on implementation of improvements is reported to management, while alerts and notices are disseminated through various company-wide media.

MUFG Awareness Survey

At MUMSS, we conduct the “MUFG Awareness Survey,” a poll on employee attitudes to discover issues related to the Company's compliance, brand, CSR and other matters, and put these to use in future policies. With regard to compliance in particular, we implement a range of measures to achieve voluntary compliance in which we think and act autonomously according to professional ethics as specialists in the securities market and as a member of the MUFG Group.

Business Manners

Business manners are the basis of the quality of character.
At MUMSS, we have initiatives to ensure that customers do not have an unpleasant experience, including drawing up “Dress Code Guidelines;” distributing the “Business Manner Handbook,” a compilation of manners for serving customers, to all employees; and improving how telephone calls are answered.
Business manners for answering telephone calls are not simply a matter of the sales staff being polite to the customer. We believe that it is important for officers and employees who do not have opportunities to come into direct contact with customers to bear this in mind on a daily basis, and so we conducted a survey of actual conditions at all divisions in the Head Office from December 2009 to November 2010, providing feedback to the results each time. All officers and employees will continue to promote thorough awareness of this issue, and to enhance the Company's image and reputation.