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Investment Banking Business


The Investment Banking Business Unit provides innovative financial solutions based on its rich expertise in its industry sector teams and our strong track record in areas such as equity and debt underwriting, mergers and acquisitions advisory services, IPOs of securities, and real estate securitization.

As corporate activities become more globalized, management issues of our clients have also diversified, and investment banking services are expected to have a global reach both in terms of quality and network. By effectively leveraging the extensive networks of Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group and Morgan Stanley, and offering high-quality strategic advice and capital-raising methods, we support our clients, as their most trusted partner, to achieve their long-term business goals.

Business Description

Industry Coverage Business

In an effort to solve our clients’ business strategy and capital strategy issues, our coverage bankers provides sophisticated advice and advanced solutions with its deep industry-specific insight and abundant expertise. By collaborating with divisions that specializes in M&As, capital-raising and such, we support the long-term enhancement of our clients’ corporate value.

Equity Underwriting Business

We provide advice to listed companies on methods, timing and others for raising capital by equity financing through public stock offerings or secondary offerings for example. During execution, we support our clients’ capital-raising strategies by providing comprehensive services including preparation of documents and arranging investor roadshows. Furthermore, we connect companies with investors by studying appropriate stock price levels in the market, and provide clients with information on domestic and overseas trends in the market and investor.

Debt Underwriting Business

We provide a wide variety of information to propose debt issuance to corporations, FILP agencies, municipal governments, overseas issuers and others offering solutions related to capital-raising using yen bonds, providing IR debt support and others. During execution, we consistently provide appropriate issue terms that satisfies both the issuer and the investor based on domestic and overseas market trends as well as the credit ratings and other information of the issuer. We have built up a strong market presence through our track record as one of Japan’s top lead managers and our rich deal experience.

M&A Advisory Business

We offer excellent execution services by providing advice on various M&As (corporate mergers and acquisitions, selling of businesses, management integrations, management buyouts and business restructuring) both in Japan and overseas. Through our comprehensive approach leveraging our sophisticated expertise based on our abundant experience and our global network, we have successfully closed a number of deals including industry reorganization by Japan’s leading companies and major cross-border deals capturing the overseas market. As a result, we were a leading company for Japan-related deals, as seen in the league tables.

IPO Advisory Business

We provide advice to corporations looking to be listed, on the most suitable management structure, corporate governance structure, disclosure structure and others for a listed company. In addition to supporting the requirements for listing conducted by securities companies and stock exchanges, we provide advice on capital policies for pre-listing and at the time of listing. We also provide integrated services from entry to exit of the listing process through fully supporting the management of the company and other measures to ensure successful financing at the time of listing.

Real Estate Securitization and Financing Business

We engage in a broad range of services related to real estate securitization, including securitization of real estate, formation of private equity funds, and the formation and underwriting of REITs (Real Estate Investment Trusts). We also offer advice on raising capital through utilizing real estate to both listed and unlisted companies in a wide range of industries.