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Towards a Better Working Environment

A comfortable working environment protects the safety and health of employees, and links to increased productivity through efficient operations. Furthermore, free and open communication is essential to a healthy and pleasant working environment, and the interplay of factors such as “corporate vision and expectations,” “career goals,” and “respect for and development of the individual” is believed to be connected to what makes a job interesting.
In light of these points, MUMSS endeavors to create a pleasant working environment.

ES: Employee Satisfaction

Greater employee satisfaction is reflected in job fulfillment, and is believed to be linked to increased customer satisfaction and contribution to the local communities and society.

We have been conducting an employee satisfaction survey (ES survey) every year since 2010, with the aim of understanding the status of factors such as job motivation among officers and employees, communication in the workplace, and satisfaction with regard to supervisors, and creating a better corporate culture by taking steps to improve issues.
Referring to the survey results, we develop training to entrench awareness of “honesty and fairness” and “making customer interests our top priority,” and implement policies to revitalize the organization, among other measures.
We have also set up and administer an “Opinion Box” where employees can submit comments or requests by e-mail.

Initiatives on Diversity

Diversity means not simply “variety” but also includes the acceptance of such varieties.

  • Recognizing individual differences
  • Mutual respect and acceptance of differences
  • Enabling all individuals to fully express the abilities they possess, regardless of differences

Differences here are not limited to external attributes such as gender, age, nationality, and disabilities, but also include internal attributes such as lifestyle and values.

“evolution,” a magazine dedicated to diversity

MUMSS has established a Diversity Office in the Human Resources Division aimed at “creating a dynamic workplace where each and every employee with difference can thrive,” and “achieving a work-life balance that links to mid- to long-term career formation.”
We strive to create an environment that offers various forms of support for efforts to balance work and private life, and have in place a full range of systems that enable both men and women to achieve a balance between work and childrearing. In particular, we believe that in order for us to grow stronger, it is essential that female employees play an even more active role. Initiatives include holding “Back-to-work seminars” for employees on childcare leave, publishing the magazine “evolution” dedicated to matters related to diversity, and introducing successful female employees in the company newsletter.

Trend in employees who have taken childcare leave

Seminars aimed at “Preparing to return to work and eliminating anxiety,” and “Network-building with fellow working mothers.” (1)
Seminars aimed at “Preparing to return to work and eliminating anxiety,” and “Network-building with fellow working mothers.” (1)
Seminars aimed at “Preparing to return to work and eliminating anxiety,” and “Network-building with fellow working mothers.” (2)
Seminars aimed at “Preparing to return to work and eliminating anxiety,” and “Network-building with fellow working mothers.” (2)

Safety and Health Management

Safety and Health Management Rules

In accordance with the provisions of the Labor Standards Act, Industrial Safety and Health Act, etc., we have prepared Safety and Health Management Rules for the purpose of stipulating necessary matters related to safety and health management, and preventing disease and industrial accidents, while also establishing a comfortable working environment for employees and others.

Health Officers, Health Promoters, Industrial Physicians

We have assigned health officers and industrial physicians to offices with 50 or more employees, and health promoters to other offices.

Health officers and health promoters* supervise the following matters with regard to safety and health at relevant branches, and implement necessary measures regarding health.

  1. Inspection tours of workplaces, etc. at least once a week
  2. Early detection and necessary measures for individuals with health problems
  3. Measures to prevent danger or health impairment of employees, etc.
  4. Matters related to provision of education for the health of employees, etc.
  5. Matters related to provision of medical examinations and other health care related matters
  6. Other matters necessary for health management

Industrial physicians carry out the following items in order to give instructions with regard to health care for employees, etc., from the perspective of specialists in medicine.

  1. Provision of medical examinations and measures to maintain the health of employees, etc. based on the results
  2. Health education and consultation and other measures aimed at maintaining and promoting health of employees, etc.
  3. Matters related to health education
  • *Health officers and health promoters are licensed persons under Article 12 of the Industrial Safety and Health Act.

Health Committee

A health committee is established at offices with 50 or more employees, etc., and in principle meets once a month. The General Manager respects the results of the investigations and deliberations of the health committee, and strives to secure the safety and health of employees, etc.

Establishment of Healthcare Center

There has been a growing trend in recent years toward health care and health promotion by employees at the workplace, and prevention of health impairment, etc. of employees is considered important from the perspective of avoiding human resource risks for corporations. MUMSS has established a Healthcare Center for employee health care management and as a safety and health management system through compliance with the Industrial Safety and Health Act.

Provision of medical examinations (Article 66, Paragraph 1 of the Industrial Safety and Health Act)
Results of regular medical examinations, which are carried out once a year, and medical examination at time of hiring as well as before and after overseas postings are checked and response measures are taken as necessary.
Meetings of Health Committee (Article 18 of the Industrial Safety and Health Act)
Meetings of the Health Committee are held once a month, based on laws and regulations. Matters such as measures related to working environment and health care are discussed.
Provision of health consultations and mental health care
Health-related consultations and information are provided, and counseling and other mental health care services are carried out.
Provision of face-to-face consultations regarding excessive work load (Article 66, Paragraph 8 of the Industrial Safety and Health Act)
Face-to-face consultations with an industrial physician are provided to confirm the physical condition, etc., of employees whose monthly overtime work exceeds a certain level.
Inspection tour of workplace by industrial physician (Article 15, Paragraph 1 of the Ordinance on Industrial Safety and Health)
Based on laws and regulations, the industrial physician conducts an inspecting tour of the workplace once a month, to prevent health impairment to employees by checking the actual workplace and work environment.
Constant stock of medicines available at all divisions, offices and branches nationwide
Each division, office and branch is equipped with a medicine chest containing health supplies such as over-the-counter medicines and thermometers.
Publication of Healthcare Center Newsletter
We publish the “Healthcare Center Newsletter,” an informative publication about mental and physical health.
Rental of healing CDs
Music CDs to encourage mental and physical relaxation are available to borrow.