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Internal Audit System

Establishment of Internal Audit Division

The Company has established the Internal Audit Division as a division responsible for auditing the internal divisions of the Company, in order to confirm the status of internal control systems including risk management system and compliance framework, which are critical to the maintenance of sound and appropriate business operations. The independence of the Internal Audit Division from the Operating Unit is assured, as it does not belong to any division within the organization and the internal audit results, etc. are reported directly to the Board of Directors via a dedicated officer.

Implementing Internal Audits

Internal audits are conducted to verify and evaluate the adequacy and effectiveness of the internal control systems in sales branches as well as in divisions within the Head Office, and to report the results to management as well as to make suggestions to help improve or rectify any issues that are identified.

Cooperative Relationship with Corporate Auditors and External Auditors

The General Manager of the Internal Audit Division is making efforts to enhance the efficiency of internal audits by building a cooperative relationship with the Corporate Auditors and the external auditors including the accounting auditors.