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Corporate Governance System

Board of Directors and Board of Corporate Auditors

With the aim to invigorate the Board of Directors and to enhance transparency of management, currently 6 of 15 directors are Outside Directors.
The Board of Corporate Auditors, comprising 4 Corporate Auditors (of whom 2 are Outside Auditors), audits the appropriateness of the execution of duties by the Directors.

Major Committees

The Board of Directors determines basic policies of business operations and places importance on the supervision over the execution of duties by the Directors, while the “Management Committee” deliberates on and resolves important issues with respect to overall business management and operations, and the “Risk Management Committee” deliberates on and resolves major issues related to risk management, etc.

As of June 27, 2016


The Company has established the “Compliance Committee” as an advisory body that includes external lawyers, and all officers and employees together strive to ensure the fulfillment of compliance.

Commitment to the Exclusion of Anti-Social Forces

The Company, from top management level to entry level, stands firmly against anti-social forces and rejects all ties with them through reinforced cooperation with external specialist organizations including the police.

Information Security Management

The Company employs all possible means to protect customer information, by implementing several measures including complete adherence to the Policy on Protection of Personal Information as well as enhancement of surveillance function in its systems, etc.